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Academic Summer Camps

Summer is a great time to explore topics that aren’t available—or that you don’t have time for—during the school year, alongside other students who share your interests.

AP Biology Prep

Students will learn how to gather and analyze the scientific information necessary for the mandatory laboratory experiments.

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AP Chemistry Prep

The curriculum covered will include a review of the previous topics you have already learned, in addition to the new and challenging topics you will study in the upcoming school year. Students will have considerable support with the AP summer assignment and conduct laboratory experiments to supplement the material taught.

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AP Physics I Prep

The purpose of the AP Physics I Prep class is to introduce students who have been placed into AP Physics I to the fundamental concepts of high school physics.

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The Freshman Prep

Students will spend time reviewing and learning the necessary skills needed for high school.

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ELA/Enrichment Workshop

This program seeks to provide incoming students with invaluable skills. Students will work to improve their knowledge of grammar and writing.

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Freshman Prep/ELA Enrichment Combo

 New for this year!

Take both, the Freshman Prep and the ELA Enrichment course and receive $150 off your tuition.
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