AP Calculus Prep – Pandemic Edition

The AP Calculus course is the equivalent of a two-semester introductory college-level mathematics course. The purpose of this prep class is to introduce students who have been placed in AP Calculus to the main concepts of Advanced Placement Calculus, which are needed to successfully master the AP Calculus curriculum.  Enrollment is limited. Register early. For more information, email cthall@stanthonyshs.org.


Dates: Monday, June 28th through Thursday, July 22nd (Monday thru Thursdays only)

Time: 8:00am – 9:00am daily

Age Group: AP Calculus students

Registration Deadline:  June 25th

**For safety reasons, all coursework will be conducted online using Google classroom and zoom.  Your teacher will contact you prior to the start of the program to join the classroom.


TUITION: $225.00