About Us

St. Anthony’s High School began its Friar Sports Camp in the summer of 1990. In the past thirty years Friar Sports Camp has grown significantly in both the number of sports it offers and its total attendance. Despite the growth of the camp and the athletic program in general at St. Anthony’s, the philosophy of the Friar Sports Camp has remained true to the goals under which it was founded: To introduce young athletes to the great coaches, facilities and programs of St. Anthony’s High School; to provide individual attention to young athletes helping them develop key skills in their sport; and most importantly to offer an opportunity for kids to meet future Friar teammates and friends…and HAVE FUN!

About 10 years ago, St. Anthony’s High School expanded its summer program to include academics and arts. If you’re the artistic type, we offer several courses in the fine arts. Prefer science? Why not try your hand at robotics and science research? Those looking for academic support in math, reading, and writing can take several courses to get ready for the coming school year. What ever the interest and need, the St. Anthony’s High School Summer Camp program surely offers something for you.


About Our Coaches

Coaches are the key to effective personal, team and group development. We believe truly effective coaching occurs in the context of an ongoing relationship between the coach and participant, founded upon experience, mutual honesty, trust and positive regard. Friar Camps leadership coaches are highly skilled professionals with years of experience.

About Our Instructors

Our instructors are the heart of our school, dedicated to helping our students achieve their learning goals. All of our teachers follow our educational principles, designed to help students become better learners, to build confidence and to reach their academic potential.

About Our Medical Staff

Saint Anthony’s Friar Sports Camp includes a full-time Registered Nurse and Certified Trainers from Provident Physical Therapy.

St. Anthony’s High School is a not-for-profit organization which does not discriminate in any manner contrary to law on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin in its educational programs or activities. Any questions regarding rates or discounts – please email Chuck Menzer at