AP Chemistry Prep – Pandemic Edition

The AP Chemistry course at St. Anthony’s High School is a second-year college level program. In an effort to prepare for the academic rigor that comes with such a course, it is highly recommended that you attend the AP Chemistry Summer Workshop offered for four weeks during the summer. This class is designed for students who have no previous high school level chemistry experience. We will be working through exploring the basic building blocks of chemistry, such as chemical bonding, oxidation states, chemical formulas, naming, and stoichiometry.  Assistance will be provided to support students’ summer AP assignment. For any questions, email Mr. Zonin at azonin@stanthonyshs.org. Enrollment is limited. Register early.


Dates: Monday, June 28th thru Thursday, July 8th (Monday thru Thursdays only)
Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Age Group: AP Chemistry students only

**For safety reasons, students will be able to attend class via zoom or in-person.   Mr. Zonin will email the students the day before the start of the program with instructions to join the class via zoom.

TUITION: $275.00