Freshman ELA Enrichment

This program seeks to assist incoming students in preparation for the rigors of a high school English Language Arts curriculum. Students will work to develop their knowledge of grammar and usage as well as MLA format and styling. Students will be provided with resources to further their reading comprehension skills – particular focus will be given to annotation instruction with practice through a variety of short stories and poetry. 

The culmination of this course will result in the students working collaboratively with the instructor on the mandatory summer reading assignment required by the English Department. 

Your instructor will email each student the details for connecting with the class the weekend before the start date.


Dates: Monday, June 27th through Thursday, July 7th (Monday thru Thursdays only)

Time:  10:00 am – 12:00 pm 

Age Group: Rising 9th graders

Registration deadline:  Friday, June 24th


Tuition: $200