Head Athletic Trainer, Provident Physical Therapy at St. Anthony’s.

Developed under the VAST program, this is a four week athletic training program meant to prepare athletes for the beginning of the fall sports season. The three phases of the program will include speed training; agility training and conditioning. Our campers will be introduced to numerous conditioning drills and learn to use tools such as speed ladders, mini hurdles, medicine balls, cones, resistance bands and agility poles. The program will take place in the Student Center, utilizing the indoor track, field turf and fitness studio. Coaches will adjust the program to apply to the individual fitness level and goals of each camper. Ideal for all athletes, all sports both boys and girls. Our program is designed to increase strength, quickness, speed and explosiveness.

Equipment needed: Sneakers, shorts, t-shirt, notebook.

Dates: 16 Total Session:  7/5,7/6,7/7,7/8,7/11,7/12,7/13,7/14,7/18,7/19,7/20,7/21,7/25,7/26,7/27,7/28                                                                      
Time: 8:00 am – 9:30 am
Age Group: 4th – 12th grade

Cost: $150 – come to as many sessions as you like